1st Intl. Workshop on Crowdsourced Web Engineering (CroWE)

In conjunction with the 14th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2014)

Update: Thanks to the authors who have submitted a workshop paper. Unfortunately, the workshop didn’t receive a good number of decisions and so we have decided to cancel it.

About the Workshop

Crowdsourcing techniques have been proposed to address different aspects of web engineering ranging from the generation of content to the design and adaptation of web sites. At the same time, many Web 2.0 platforms have been designed around crowdsourcing models that enable the functionality to be extended through community-developed applications or plugins. Researchers have also begun to look at the use of crowdsourcing to support the evaluation of not only web sites and their interfaces but also various tools that form part of the design and development process. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers who have applied crowdsourcing in a diversity of ways in order that they may learn from the experience of others and to stimulate discussion with a view to fostering new research ideas.

Different forms of crowdsourcing are already being used by several members of the ICWE community and the workshop will give them the opportunity to present their work in an informal setting with lots of feedback as well as getting to know other members of the community with similar interests and to exchange ideas and experiences. It would also be a good venue for members of the ICWE community who have not yet applied crowdsourcing techniques to learn about the range of techniques and applications.